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It seems that Dr.Mahathir’s mind is dominated with the question of who will be the future Prime Minister of Malaysia after the Prime Minister Najib being ousted from the government in the coming general election.

It seems that Mahathir is on a solo journey to ascertain that the PH initiated by him will extend along the existing political stage. The rest, the DAP, Pakatan Rakyat and Parti Amanah are just waiting to be the icing on the cake.

None of the opposition leaders in the PH are of the foreign media interest, but  Mahathir is. According to the Guardian, Mahathir is backing Anwar, the man he sacked during his premiership as a Prime Minister, in an attempt to un-seat the scandal-ridden incumbent. A charismatic leader, Anwar Ibrahim ought to be freed  from jail and allowed to contest parliamentary elections. The most cunning statement made by Mahathir is Anwar is a victim of political vendetta and a new administration would seek a royal pardon to allow him to re-enter politics.

After returning from overseas, on July 8, The Malay Mail online reported Dr. Mahathir’s response: “Who said I support him (Anwar)? If the opposition wins, the new seventh prime minister will have to work to release him. Until then, he cannot be PM”. At the same time, he denied that he regretted what Anwar has gone through. And said “what is bygones are bygones”.

Can Mahathir go on playing his old political skills denying reports that are not pleasing his ears and nodding the head if the report is favourable? Knowing that if Mahathir agrees with Anwar as the Prime Minister, either he is putting the PH in the difficulties or his determination to oust Najib will be boycotted by those members who do not like Anwar to be the Prime Minister.

The voters in Malaysia and particularly political backbenchers should have realized by now that the PH as an alternative government may lead to the gamut of political chaos.

This hypothetical view is produced based on the matter of who will be the right nominee to lead the Pact after Prime Minister Najib falls. It is quite rare, although it is possible, the front bench of oppositions are sacrificing political principle and orientation just for the sake of entertaining hatred, dissatisfaction and blurring issues that are created out of the ambition to rule the country aiming at toppling the Prime Minister by cooperating with some other party that they themselves do not consider.

The only reason that oppositions can be together is because of the long standing interest to bite a taste of power. The only person who can create a reality of their imagination is Mahathir whose ingenuity to capitalize the issue of 1MDB makes all ready to go against the Mahathir presumptuous verdict on the scandal involving the 1MDB.

Presumptuous because the DoJ, the US highest legislative and credible body after conducting a serial investigation has thus far been unwilling to tell clearly the prime minister's involvement  in the 1MDB scandal. And, Mahathir had mentioned in one of the occasions: “We can do nothing on the issue of 1MDB except putting Najib down through the election”.

A year-long issue of the 1MDB made the people in a state of mystification.  As all understand, a criminal act is not so complex. If we have evidences and the criminal  is publicly known, therefore the criminal gets punished. Then this is the same as God's law. It is uncomplicated, precise and it is not circumlocution.  Ironically the issue of 1MDB has reached nearly 7 years since it was noted in the parliament.  It creates confusion rather than easing the public’s mind.

Failure to unveil the true statement of the 1MDB issue, all opposition parties except PAS is willing to conjoin to bring down Najib and sacrifice their political ideology, but none of them are agreeing with one another’s political belief. Which means, if they are successful in forming a government in the coming general election, and obtaining  a broad support of the electorate, the question is,  will they also be successful in creating a strong government as compared with the Barisan Nasional? Noticeably, Mahathir has forgotten that having a “common goal” of ideology and political principle would yield a better government. Unluckily, the member of the pact has been ripped off, the common end of chasing Najib out of the government would not assist the party to hold its political orientation and provide any good to the masses. No party for that matter is willing to accept the leader who holds no political principle and political orientation. The DAP won't allow this thing to come about, the Pakatan Rakyat will do the same thing and Party Amanah follows.

The duty of the parties is forgotten. The treatment to ameliorate the welfare of the people is ignored, but it seems to kick out Najib and the Barisan Nasional is their primary agenda. Assuming that they win in the next general election, guess who might be the prime minister of Malaysia? The Pakatan claimed that Anwar or his wife, Dr. Wan Azizah. The UMNO members who follow Mahathir's footstep wanted Dr. Mahathir to lead the country for a second time. The DAP is explicably silence and never want to be a second class political party that follows the index of party that has a lesser importance. But all members in the Pact are well understood that the DAP has its veto power in making the Pact successful.

Mahathir’s gamble in this puzzling game searching for the leaders of the PH is like finding a needle in the haystack. Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng, are they qualified to be a leader for Malay/Muslims, or Anwar, he must get Royal pardon. Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah, we bet, these two candidates would make Mahathir in political difficulties because Wan Azizah will always listen to Anwar’s opinion and advice. Or Mahathir himself - He is too old to be the Prime Minister and others are in fear of his political manoeuvre.  When people are in confusion, he will put something into their heads making things believable. This so-called double-faced politician will always make contradictory statements to confuse the people.

In an interview with the Guardian, Mahathir expressed his opinion about Anwar as a Prime Minister. Back home, he denied everything. The Guardian would not misrepresent the fact, but Mahathir is lacking knowledge about news interpretation.  As a result, Mahathir moves finally went astern without realizing his words were interpreted correctly.

Evidently, the PH line-up is an urgent action and necessary for PH to be filed with the Registrar of Society (ROS). Failure to do that the PH does not exist, no logo and no flag in the PRU14.

In the end, the Guardian was right, Mahathir could not sidestep the consensus, so he agreed upon the decision of PH that Anwar is a de facto leader and Anwar’s wife the President of PH.  Could both Anwar and Wan Azizah had the same thought as Mahathir, what is “bygones are bygones”. Mahathir in fact a loser, in the midst of countless effort in searching the PH line-up, Mahathir was caught by surprise when the government unanimously passed the formation of RCI to probe against the lost of billion of Ringgits in Forex exchange during his premiership. Mahathir is emotionally pressured. He is too old to shoulder the political burden and  fallacies of his trades. (PUTRAJAYAINSIDER)


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