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The DAP leader, Lim Guan Eng had overtly made unthoughtful, serious and irresponsible statement in the Malaysian nsight entitled “US can use military instead of a legal cause to topple the government”. This is because he claimed that the UMNO and PAS tend to deviate the issue of 1MDB by assuming the DoJ’s civil suit to recover US assets is a kind of foreign intervention.

As an opposition party leader, the DAP should not come out with such a statement because in reality the DAP and its pact have a strong desire to bring down the government. Foreign intervention denotes many things. The tendency of denigrating the country with the blurring facts might also be considered a kind of intervention in which the issue can be resolved through diplomatic means. Therefore, the semantic parable he uses is a true reflection of his thoughts that he wanted the US to use its military force to solve the problem. By bidding upon the US military intervention on Malaysia, will it solve the trouble? Without rendering a second thought, that the DoJ's civil suit against the misappropriation of 1MDB fund has not even made the verdict up to now. Is the issue a threat to the US security that makes it feasible for US troops to be present in Malaysia? Definitely, not a bit of it.

Guan Eng’s emotionally-driven statement, by misinterpreting the word “intervention”, showed that he could hardly distinguish between the US security matter that needs military involvement and the DoJ's filing a legal case against financial fraud in the1MDB. 

Because of the DoJ's 251 pages of the report of the investigation which has mentioned direct involvement of the wife of MO1 and the MO4, from Malaysia, and the reaction of the Attorney General of Malaysia, Mohamad Afandi Ali, who denied the participation of the Prime Minister in this case, Mr.Lim goes on constructing a program line by giving his idea to the web media about military intervention that might lead the US senators to concur with his irresponsible ideas to utilize its military superiority to solve the 1MDB puzzling issue.

If Guan Eng's idea comes true, guess, who might be the person as equivalent as Osama bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein, and who is among the leaders in Malaysia who could be regarded a terrorist –The US target?

Is it UMNO or Malay/Muslims that attract the US to commit its troops in Malaysia? Guan Eng should have in mind that Malaysia's money launderers are not war criminals, not even a terrorist or anti-western.  They are just another unscrupulous businessman who are not smart enough to hide their wrongdoings in the US.  So, it doesn't make any sense to suggest foreign military participation in the money laundering case. Don't equate the DoJ’s civil suit of the1MDB with the incident of the 9/11 o rthe US interference in Nicaragua.

If the case is genuine, if then the Malaysian prime Minister, is involved, The US can always use diplomatic or legal means through cooperating with the Malaysian office. GuanEng is well comprehended that the hard power approach will not benefit the US. It only benefits him and his allies. Malaysia, notably in any way whatsoever will never go against the US policy. The US-Malaysia relation can be described in a simple phrase as this: if you do not voice your objection to something, then it is assumed that you support it. In actuality, Malaysia is a silence US supporter, particularly concerning the warfare against terrorism. The state is not replete with warmongers as in any middle-east country or North Korea. The concept of peaceful coexistence among neighboring nations is yet dominant and it receives the economic participation of another superpower state as far as it benefits the country.

The US should well perceive the present political  behaviour of the opponents especially the DAP. The DAP’s hatred towards the present government  is ingrained a long ago. Its ambition to rule the country can never be concealed for there were a myriad of criticism against the government’s policies regarding the Malay privileges in the past and the situation is worsening, driven by public demonstrations and sort of humanitarian demands that is hiding under the liberal democratic flagship.

The participation of the late Prime Minister Mahathir, who was at one time against the western influence and Jews whose words were echoing too frequent in the media reminding that the Malay and Islam would be confronting the new western colonization has made the DAP more stronger than ever before. Today, all of those who were against the western influence are using the US ability to topple the government. The US should not wrongly interpreted that the DAP’s liberal concept of regime is as equal as the US liberal democratic concept. It has never in any way proven that the party is really liberal. 

Failure to convince the Malay and Muslims in Malaysia, the DAP capitalizes the issue of the 1MDB to the broadest. The DoJ’s civil suit against the1MDB which revolves around thePM’sconnection is seemed to be a vehicle to achieve their political goals. The Pact of Hope was shown with only a single mission that is to topple the Barisan Nasional. The great event is the misappropriation of the public fund under Najib’s administration, where as using public money as to generate money for money for the betterment of the people is a common practice in any regime. The flaw is, it took place in the US. Trump should consider, by using military might, the US may miss all of its interest in the South East Asia.(PUTRAJAYA INSIDER)


Tanpa Nama berkata... 18 Julai 2017 3:53 PTG

Lim Gong End is a traitor. Anybody knows how to deal with this betrayer? Kind of disloyal, defector clown like this is actually unwanted and and should leave this country.

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